CHAMPIONSHIP MEET PARTICIPATION RULE :An athlete may be entered in a maximum of ANY THREE (3) events in which he/she has qualified (per 2013-14 MIAA Rules change).  there are absolutely no Free Entries allowed, including all relays

If an athlete is entered in too many events, he/she will be automatically entered in the first events and scratched from the excess by the Meet Director.  DO NOT enter athletes in an excess of events with the idea of scratching down on meet day!   DO NOT ENTER ANY ATHLETE OR RELAY TEAM THAT HAS NOT ACHIEVED THE STANDARD IN AN MIAA SANCTIONED HIGH SCHOOL ONLY MEET!

                         2019-20  PVIAC (Western Mass)              CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING STANDARDS  

Qualifying standards in all individual and relay events are based on the AVERAGE 12th PLACE finish of the last three years championship meets.  Any athlete or relay that has achieved a certified qualifying performance in an MIAA sanctioned high school only meet during the 2019-20 season may be entered in the 2020 championship meet.  There will be no "free entries" in any event, including relays.

 BOYS                                                                        GIRLS

​2 mile-             10:44.80                                                                        13:18.15

55m HH-               9.03                                                                                9.98

55m-                      7.04                                                                                7.84

1 mile-               4:59.70                                                                          5:56.50 

600 m-               1:32.30                                                                          1:51.40 

300 m-                 :38.99                                                                            :45.74 

1000 m-             3:29.30                                                                          3:02.90 

Long jump-     18'09.00"                                                                       14'08.75" 

High jump-       5'06.00"                                                                         4'07.00" 

Shot put-          38'05.25"                                                                      28'10.50"

4X200m Relay   1:43.60                                                                         1:59.20

4X400m Relay   3:56.30                                                                        4:45.90

​​​4X800 Relay-   9:49.00                                                                          11:34.20

The desired filed size in individual events is 18 to 24 athletes.  If fewer than 18 athletes have ahieved the published standard additional athletes MAY be added (at the Meet Director's discretion) from the Top Conference Peformances list published on​ in order to fill the field.  Attention will be paid to maintaining a championship quality field and there is no guarantee that fields will be filled to or capped at 18 to 24 athletes.  No additions will be made to relay event fields.  You will be notified b e-mail if you have an athlete who has been added from the Top Performances Lists.

​An athlete will be allowed entry if he/she has met his/her MIAA Class Standard but does not meet the PVIAC Standard.

All entries (including relays) must be submitted through no later than 9PM, Tuesday, February ?.  No adds or changes after that date-- Scratches only.  Scratches taken until 5:30PM on meet day.

Final performance lists will be published on as soon before the championship meet​​ as possible.  coaches may challenge (by e-mail) any qualifier that he/she feels has not actually met the standard.  If a standard was achieved at a non PVIAC meet that performance must be verifiable with a published result or PoP sheet signed by the meet director.

Any athlete who fails to show up for an event without having scratched will be excluded from the rest of the meet.​​