DIVISIONAL TRACK & FIELD CHAMPIONSHIPS
                                                                               Division 2 – Friday, May 17

Field Events – 4:30pm          Running Events – 5:00pm
FORMAT: Individual and team championship meet involving Division 2 schools from the Pioneer Valley (District F) and the Berkshires (District G)
HOST SCHOOL: Mohawk Trail Regional School     MEET DIRECTOR: Bill Kane (e-mail: kaner5000@comcast.net)
ENTRY DEADLINE: 9:00PM, Tuesday, May 14

                                                                                Division 1 – Saturday, May 18
                                                                Field Events
– 930           Running Events – 10:00am
FORMAT: Individual and team championship meet involving Division 1 schools from the Pioneer Valley (District F) and the Berkshires (District G)
Holyoke High School                  MEET DIRECTOR: Bill Kane (e-mail: kaner5000@comcast.net)
ENTRY DEADLINE: 9:00PM, Wednesday, May 15

                                                              TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION
ELIGIBILITY: Entry in this meet is strictly limited to athletes who have competed as bona fide members of their high school teams (as defined by the MIAA) and have legitimately met the qualifying standard for each event entered or are legitimate “free entries” (as defined below). All athletes must be accompanied by their high school coach for the entire time of their participation in the meet.
RULES: The meet will be conducted under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), and the Pioneer Valley interscholastic Athletic Association (PVIAC).
PLEASE NOTE: All sportsmanship, uniform, and electronic devices rules will be strictly enforced. It is the responsibility of the coach to know the rules and educated their athletes.

QUALIFYING STANDARDS: Qualifying standards for all individual events and the 4X100m and 4X400m relays are included in this packet. The 4X800m relay is a free entry, however the published “guideline” is intended to prevent teams from being embarrassed in the meet. Schools may enter ONE team in each relay event (no “B” teams in any relay).
Schools may enter ONE free entry in any event (except the pole vault, high jump, and relays) in which they have no legitimate qualifier. Please note: The “free entry” is intended for athletes who are close to qualifying. When considering “free entries” please be reminded that no one should ever embarrass a young athlete by throwing them in over their head. Meet management reserves the right to remove athletes from the meet if they are vastly underqualified.

​PERFORMANCE LISTS and PERFORMANCE QUERIES: Barring any unforeseeable problems performance lists will be posted on www.pviactrack.com ASAP following the entry deadline. There will NOT be a seed meeting prior to the meet.
It is the expectation of meet management that all athletes entered will have legitimately met the qualifying standard for their event(s) and that all coaches will be honest and forthright in submitting their entries. Coaches who wish to challenge the legitimacy of a performance may do so by e-mail to the meet director and it will be investigated as quickly as possible.

​ORDER OF EVENTS: The order of events for this meet will be the same as that published for the MIAA West/Central and All-State Meets.

​ENTRY PROCEDURE: Entries will be taken via wwwTrackCentral.net ONLY. No hard copy, phone, or faxed entries will be accepted. No changes of entries, additional entries, or updates will be allowed after the deadline. Please be sure to EXPORT your entries after you have entered them into TrackCentral! If you fail to EXPORT them they will not be sent. If you are having problems with your entry export please contact Matt Sandberg at matt@trackcentral.net as soon as possible and notify the meet director that youo are having a problem.
Entry limits for this meet are the same as those for the MIAA West/Central Meet and the All-State Meet. An athlete may be entered in a maximum of three (3) events, including relays.
BEFORE submitting your entries please DOUBLE CHECK to make sure you have not entered an athlete in too many events. DO NOT ENTER AN ATHLETE IN EXTRA EVENTS WITH THE IDEA OF SCRATCHING DOWN ON MEET DAY. Athletes entered in too many events will be scratched according to the rule book- meet management cannot afford to take the time to contact every coach to correct entry errors.

​ENTRY MARKS: All entries, including “free entries” and relays, must have an entry mark. Please use care when entering these marks. If the performance listed with an entry is out of range for a high school meet or makes no sense at all it will be rejected. Again, meet management cannot afford to take the time to contact every coach to correct entry errors.
If you are submitting HAND-TIMED qualifiers (as most will probably be), please use only a single decimal point (example- enter a hand timed 59.5 as 59.5, not as 59.50). Use two decimal places ONLY If you are entering a FULLY AUTOMATIC TIMED (FAT) qualifier. By rule all hand-timed entries will have a .24 second adjustment automatically added at the time they are put into the computer. DO NOT add the .24 when you submit your entries.

​HIP NUMBERS: Hip numbers, readable by the photo-finish camera, will be issued by the clerk before each event. Athletes must wear their assigned hip number on the LEFT HIP SEAM of the uniform bottom (not on the front or the uniform bottom or on the leg). In some distance races an additional hip number will be worn on the left chest.

EVENT SEEDING: All running events will be seeded according to qualifying times. Sections of timed finals will be run from slow to fast. In trials and finals events, advancement to the finals will be based on time only if FAT is used, or by place and time if hand timing must be used. Athletes who compete in the incorrect heat or section will be disqualified from the event.
All field events will be seeded by entry mark and run in flights from worst to best. Athletes may not change flights in field events without the permission of the meet director. The number of entries in throws and horizontal jumps will determine whether a trials and finals format or a 4 throws format will be used. The opening height in the vertical jumps will be one increment below the qualifying standard. For safety and liability reasons no practice attempts may be taken before the event official is onsite or after the event has concluded. Athletes violating this rule will be disqualified from the event.

SCRATCHES: Scratches in field events should be reported directly to the field event officials as soon as possible before the event. Scratches in running events should be reported to the results table on the SCRATCH FORM included in the meet packet.

​STARTING BLOCKS AND SPIKES: Starting blocks WILL NOT be provided. Spikes on shoes and starting blocks must be 1/4” pyramids or trees.

TRACK AND RUNWAY MARKERS: The only acceptable material for track and runway marks will be WHITE ATHLETIC TAPE not to exceed a total of 6 inches. Runway marks must be placed at the side of the runway. Shoes, chalk, or other objects will not be allowed as markers.

​POLE VAULT CERTIFICATES: Athletes entered in the pole vault must present the official with copies of all MIAA required pole vault certifications at the time they report in or they will not be allowed to compete.

                                                                                         2019 Qualifying Standards
                                                                           (unchanged from 2018 meet except for relays)
                                                                          Division 1                                                           Division 2
                                                      BOYS                                 GIRLS                      BOYS                                  GIRLS
Triple Jump                                   37’00”                                  30’08"                       36’00”                                  30’06”
High Jump                                       5’06”                                    4’07”                         5’06”                                    4’07”
Shot Put                                          36’10”                                 27’02”                       36’06”                                  27’02”
Discus Throw                               101’00”                                 77’06”                     101’00”                                   79’06”
Javelin Throw                               126’00”                                  80’00”                    125’00”                                   80’06”
Long Jump                                      18’08”                                  14’07”                      18’03”                                   14’02”
Pole Vault                                         9’06”                                    7’06”                         9’06”                                     7’06”
2 Mile Run                                    10:50.9                                    13:11.0                   11:00.0                                  13:13.0
800 Meters                                       2:10.8                                     2:39.7                     2:12.8                                    2:40.7
400M Hurdles                                    :66.0                                       :77.2                       :66.2                                      :77.5
400 Meters                                         :55.9                                       :67.0                       :56.7                                      :67.0
100 Meters                                         :11.9                                       :13.7                       :12.1                                       :13.8
110M Hurdles                                    :18.1                                                                      :18.3
100M Hurdles                                    :18.2                                                                                                                     :18.6
200 Meters                                          :24.8                                      :28.7                        :25.0                                       :29.3
1 Mile Run                                       4:58.7                                     6:04.0                      5:02.8                                     6:04.0
4X100m Relay                                   48.5                                        :57.0                         :49.0                                      :57.0
4X400m Relay                                 4:00.0                                        4:45.0                     4:05.0                                   4:50.0
4X800m Relay (these times are intended as guidelines only) Boys- 10:10.0 Girls- 11:50.0
In addition, schools may enter ONE free entry in any event (except the pole vault, high jump, and relays) in which they have no legitimate qualifier. Please do not enter athletes who are vastly UNDERQUALIFIED!